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Top 6 video marketing trends in 2021

Until relatively recently, video advertising was an expensive way to advertise. Video is now considered a significant element of marketing by 92% of marketers in 2021. What new digital trends have emerged for video marketing as a result of this change?

Why is Video So Effective in Marketing?

Video work!  Consumers watch videos more and more every year because companies have begun to use videos extensively. A study shows that the average person will watch videos for more than 100 minutes per day by next year.  The fact that these changes have occurred doesn’t mean they have stabilized but tips from social media experts indicate that the amount of time spent will be on the increase on a yearly basis.  However, there are constant shifts in viewing preferences, platform options, and advertising options in video marketing. Below are our tips on the most popular social media platforms companies should follow in their marketing strategies to remain relevant.

An "About This Story" Story

Following Snapchat’s “story” launch, other platforms and networks immediately followed the FOMO hype. The form did not change (video, photo, GIF, all mixed), but the user’s perspective did. Users enjoy social media game that requires them 24 hours to watch something before it ends forever. And just like everything good, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube paved the way for all kinds of new possibilities.

Stories are becoming more and more like vlogs, and as such, will continue to grow in popularity. Posts of this kind are often done on the spur of the moment and with low video production quality, so viewers have a much lower expectation from them. It allows for more advertising space, and although it is predicted to be temporary, research proves it’s effective.

So What Are The Latest In Video Marketing Trends?

Videos on Instagram

Despite Instagram not being the most prominent among its competitors, it is a popular one among consumers. According to Wyzowl, there are over 800 million monthly active users, and 500 million of them are on Instagram every day. There are also 250 million daily posts from these users. This type of audience would offer fantastic marketing opportunities! Recently, Instagram has announced that they will be focussing on videos rather than still photos.  

This is in line with their strategy to compete with a newer social media marketing platform that has been popular recently.  Let’s face it; they have lost a good amount of audience to TikTok.  However, media marketing professionals planning to post videos to Instagram will rise by 65% in 2021.

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In addition to regular Stories and videos, Instagram introduced its IGTV platform in 2018. With its main feature being able to support videos up to 60 minutes – the aim was to create a YouTube alternative. In 2021, many expect that IGTV’s popularity will rise due to recent updates (horizontal videos appearing on regular Instagram feeds).

Video Marketing on LinkedIn: Best Practices

If you are looking to present your company and brand to your professional network,  LinkedIn is the perfect platform. LinkedIn is being used more than ever in sales and marketing. Two out of three marketers plan to utilize videos on this platform in 2021, according to Wyzowl.

Even though LinkedIn videos can last up to 10 minutes and 30 seconds if they’re advertisements, short videos are more effective. Your video should begin with your point quickly. In a famous article about LinkedIn best practices and the dos and don’ts of LinkedIn video, Jane Fleming recommends capturing attention with a hook within the first 0 to 3 seconds.  However, unlike all the other platforms, it will be best to upload professionally produced videos on LinkedIn as viewers expect more polished production.  So get a professional corporate video production company into the picture.

You can use LinkedIn videos for a wide range of purposes. It’s a great place to present your products (e.g. through a how-to-video) or to tell a story, whether it’s about your company or your new product/feature/business venture, etc.  It can be in the form of a corporate video, an explainer or a creative animation.  Important Strategy :  Don’t forget to contact your “links” and request them to share your content.

Video Authenticity in B2B Markets

The adaptability of video has made it a viable option for any business, not just visual industries like fashion and travel. This is the same for Singapore and everywhere else.  New video platforms can make it easier to measure viewer engagement, although demonstrating ROI can be confusing. You can see which parts of the video they’re interested in watching again, and you can also direct them to your sales funnel if you have a marketing platform.

Statistical data strongly suggests that B2B video content campaigns are having more impact than ever before. Your brand can access the market with a social media campaign as millennials become increasingly in charge of business decisions. In March 2015, research that was conducted by Google a few years ago showed that 72% of B2B Singapore buyers and researchers prefer to watch videos before making a decision or a purchase. Today, millennials are even more likely to make B2B decisions due to their growing numbers. Studies show they don’t watch the video in bits and pieces. The majority view at least 30 minutes of content each day.

Authenticity is, therefore, a necessity for B2B videos. A video that focuses on customer service would be a better alternative to a generic demo that features a dull product or service description. It’s crucial to focus on the corporate viewer’s experience.  The Method CMR video offers an excellent example of how enthusiastic hosts keep viewers’ attention.  Just like LinkedIn, you must present a polished and not something that looks homemade.  For B2B, the quality of the presentation shows just how serious you are about your company, branding or products in the eyes of potential clients.  Best to speak to a professional before you start creating something on your own.

TikTok takes centre stage.

With over 100 million downloaded on Apple’s App Store last year, TikTok is already the most popular free app other than gaming. There are already 800 million users on this social media network, and advertising will only increase.

TikTok is a video-sharing platform that primarily allows users to upload short videos. When it first started, TikTok enables users to share videos up to 15 seconds long, but as of 1 July 2021, it has stretched the allowable duration to up to 3 minutes long. The variety of content people upload and the types of users have changed with the growth of its popularity. It has also forced marketers to pay attention to a new group of active consumers – Generation Z.

The fact that TikTok users are highly engaged is fascinating. TikTok users’ engagement rate is 52.1%, according to CloutMeter. Whether it is because of its 41% youth user base or another reason, TikTok will remain at the top of the marketing horizon and shape future social media trends. Looking at how this tool has progressed, it will just be a matter of time that TikTok overtakes the rest in being the most favoured for most marketers when planning their marketing strategy.  Soon, consumers might just use it to search for a topic of interest before even using an internet browser.

Social Media Rivals the Homepage

Animoto’s survey revealed that 58% of consumers use social media to discover brands before visiting their website. This survey shows that more than half of consumers start their research on your business by visiting social media. The question to ask is – What are they finding there?

More than ever, you need to be active on social media. For the next year, you’ll need to make sure that you use the most up-to-date social channels, whether TikTok, Facebook, IG, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, or wherever your customers may be. High quality marketing videos have the most stimulating effect when sharing.

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Final thoughts

The most entertaining and addictive form of content online is video, so it is no surprise that video marketing trends keep changing yearly. According to Google, half of YouTube subscribers from 18 to 34 years old would drop everything to watch a new video created by their favourite creator.

Over 54% of consumers say they want to see their favourite brands produce more video content. As a result, more marketers and business owners are making more educational and informative pieces. Companies are increasingly putting a lot of time, effort, and creativity into video showcases and customer testimonials as they recognize the effectiveness of these kinds of content. You want to show people what makes your business different from others – so show them.  We predict these to follow through to 2023.  If you need help with content creation, capital M productions, a video production company in Singapore is more than ready to assist you.

written by the team at capital M productions, a Singapore video production company and post production agency.