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About This Video Production Company In Singapore

a local video production company in Singapore that brings brands to life through new ideas,  imaginative storytelling and compelling campaigns.


plan, create and deliver long and short-form effective video content for distribution to your target audience across all platforms.

collaborate with our customers to know their brand, stories, objectives and branding, refining them into impactful and ongoing corporate film.

we are a Singapore Video Production Company; we are capital M productions.

our ethos

“Our clients are the paymasters.  Ultimately, they are the ones who finance the tools of our trade, and enable us to practise our craft.  We fulfill our side of the bargain by putting our skills to good use in managing video production projects that go beyond expectations. That’s how we got paid; and that’s what our clients pay for.”

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our story


Established in 2003, we use a various roster of all-star talent, creative and experienced, pre-production and post-production expertise from both Singapore and around Asia to rework ideas into persuasive and successful corporate films. We strive to create functional videos that work for our clients. Tight budgets and almost impossible timeframes are our specialities. Affordable, on-time, creative, and 100% reliable, capital M provides one-stop-shopping for all of your corporate video production needs in Singapore and Asia.




From our first meeting through the project’s completion, from pre-production to final delivery, our team collaborate with you as an ingenious partner. We don’t see ourselves as just a vendor, in fact, we act as your exclusive in-house corporate video department. capital M’s goal has always been to nurture long-term relationships with our customers based on trust, collaboration, and creative ambition. Our experience has proven that businesses persist with us for the future if we offer outstanding service at a reasonable price. For this reason, we pride ourselves on having dozens of clients who’ve been with us for almost a decade.
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Although we are a production company in Singapore and Malaysia (, we work closely with other video production houses, directors and videographers worldwide to facilitate projects where filming and video editing in various countries is required. Ultimately, we work with partners familiar with our requirements and each project’s treatment, whether for corporate video, branding video, or explainer videos.  Our portfolio showcases our work where filming has been done from neighbouring Malaysia all the way to Switzerland. 

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Why is online video important?

In this day and age, video marketing is key, and we can’t help but stress the importance of online videos to our clients’ whether it’s for a website or social media.  Benefits surpassing the reason that your potential customers can and will get to know you better.  Watch the video to learn more.  Also 8 Tips to Boost Your Site’s SEO with Video is a good read with a more in-depth analysis of why online videos are good for your business.

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Most frequent questions and answers

This is the million-dollar question we get asked the most.  The answer really depends on several factors.

The number of filming locations involved
Filming duration and size of the crew needed.
The complexity of edited video
Number of videos to be produced

We work with a spectrum of clients with varying budgets, so whatever your requirements are, we will find a solution. Give us a ring, and we can always go through the different options so that we can provide you with an accurate proposal that you can work with.- –

Again it really depends on the project requirements and clients expectations.  A good guide for a three to four minutes corporate video project would require:

A week of scriptwriting
Three days of video filming
Two weeks of post-production
A week of revisions

Of course, we can always be flexible.  For the record, we have completed a four-minute IPO corporate video presentation within a week that included three days of filming in China.  To be clear, client paid a premium for this special case.

There are 3 different areas in the video production process, namely pre-production, production and post-production. Pre-production is basically all the things that need to be done before filming begins, i.e. discussions, scriptwriting, site recce etc. Production is the filming process which in most cases is very dependable on the script. Pre-production is where the editing begins, which incorporates voice-over recording, colour grading, soundtrack mixing and compression into the desired format for broadcast.

Pre-production is the most important phase (to us at least) as the absence of this phase will amount to nothing being produced. Any mistakes done at this phase might result in a major disruption on even a re-work for the other two phases.

No. There is no way to guarantee a video going viral, and you should be wary of anyone who would.

Check out our services page to know more about the different types of video production services that we provide.

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