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7 Quick Tips for Producing Videos You Will Be Proud To Share

By Admin

In the interest of not having to come across another video that has been painfully self-produced, we are more than happy to share some tips with you.

The tips in this guide don’t make you an expert. They’re here to help you create better presentations, not to replace the skill and ingenuity that comes from devoting your existence to providing video production services.

Keep it Planned

You can avoid having to watch hours of footage and skip the boring planning and planning stages by preplanning. Yes, it’s a lot of work but if you plan your video from the very beginning you will save yourself time in the long run.  Producing videos are just like most things in life, you need to do the boring stuff first.

Keep it Steady

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If you are about to shoot a film, the camera should be steady. Only if it’s for a horror movie or something similar should you use hand-held cameras. Stabilization is standard equipment in almost every professional production; it doesn’t matter if your project is professional or not.

A cheap tripod is easy to find, and will keep your camera steady. Take a look on Amazon and you can easily pick up a tripod for $25 or less. This isn’t going to be the best one but it is likely to last longer than most of the others out there.

Keep it Clear

The microphone built into your camera isn’t good for much other than providing you with subpar sound. — but not the whole story, because a microphone performs best when it is closest to the subject it is recording. The microphone on your camera is closest to you, not what you are filming.

Small, inconspicuous wireless microphones for your DSLR and smartphone are available online. They aren’t the quality of a $1K microphone, but they’ll do you fine for recording on-the-go.

Keep it Short

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A filmmaker knows how to cut the fat. Anything that isn’t absolutely necessary to the message of your presentation should be shaved away. Remember, unless you have a captivated audience, online viewers generally cannot be bothered to devote more than 2 minutes of their precious time to your masterpiece.  You will end up with a very appreciative audience

Keep it Simple

Yes, I know that the editing software your computer came with has some fancy titles and neat effects built on. These little flourishes often seduce amatuer videographers, only to alienate audiences.  More often than not, it can be quite painfulto watch if you use too many.

You see, the thing is that there are hundreds of other presentation employing these free effects as well. And, most of these effects are exceptionally corney, trust me. Simplicity is beautiful, just look at Apple!  Keep it simple and keep it from looking like your Uncle’s awful vacation video.

Keep it Real

If you or a colleague decide to be a presenter and you are using your smartphone to record, the one big mistake most people make is to look at themselves on the phone screen.  You should always look into the lens when you present and not be bothered by how you look.  You are talking to an audience so look at them.  Also, never start with “Hey Friends” or “Hey Gang”.  Be direct with your script.  You must bear in mind that you are talking to one person.  So make them feel that way.

Keep it Up

The more you shoot and edit, the better you will get. You can’t expect your first production to be Spielberg quality. As with anything else in life, put the time in to see the results.

Regardless of what you do, there’s a good chance your first cut will be terrible. But if you pay attention to what you’re doing, it’ll help you learn. The knowledge you pick up during your first shoot will inform the second one and so on and so forth. Continue shooting until things go well.

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Now that you have learned the fundamentals of shooting take some time out to get your portfolio together. Get out there and do it for yourself; learn from your mistakes, and turn out a product that you will be proud to share.  Your other option is to get help from professionals, people who provide video production services, and they do it for a living.  You might be more productive in getting other matters done.