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Why DIY Video Tools Is Not for Everyone.

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Why DIY Video Tools don’t work for everyone

For some people, taking the DIY approach is fine.  However, below are some of the main reasons why and how DIY video tools often aren’t the best approach for the majority of businesses, brands and professional service providers, no matter how good their intentions may be or how simple and easy the editing process will be.  Most who offer free subscriptions require you to register and once you have done that, you will be given 3 or 4 templates to work with, most will either look too simple or look terribly wrong with really bad effects.  Anything more and you will need to sign up for the paid service.  There are of course websites that offers an attractive one-time low payment but again, the better looking templates will only be available to you if you pay for the premium service.  Whichever way you do it, they now have your contact details and your privacy comes into question.

Most websites offer the same templates

Any videos that you create on their website will have that similar look and feel of your competitor’s as well other users in general.  So, no matter what you create online, it will be “tired” and “overdone” which can only produce negative result. Your viewers might be turned off and it may even lead them to your competitor, especially when their video content is unique and professionally done.

Amateur videos will look amateur

Most of these sites will offer you the option to upload your own video clips to be included in their templates.  Many people tend to look at self-made DIY Vlogs and think that’s the acceptable standard now.  From shoddy camera footage to weird angles and lighting to terrible audio, there’s a lot of technique that goes into a video production that the amateur can’t be expected to know.  These types of videos are perfectly ok for social media platforms like TikTok.  But you will not see video advertisements on that very same platform with the amateur look and feel. If amateurish self-made videos or clips are ok for your business, why aren’t major brands doing it?

Your content will look similar to other videos

That’s right! No matter what they have promised you in their features.  A template is a template.  No matter how much customisation is possible.  From changing of logos to colour schemes, your content will still be the same.  Imagine this, you put up a video on social media promoting your product or services, and another company used the same platform to create their videos, bad enough? Afraid not.  What if that company is nothing but a scam?  There goes all your branding and marketing efforts.

This is in no part the template provider’s fault, but unfortunately, they will have no control over who uses their template.   Audiences will have associated your brand with that company and to make things worse, and your comment box is filled with visitors warning others about your company.

The verdict

Unless you are a retired video production specialist starting up a side business and wants to shoot their own content, your amateur DIY videos will not stack up to the professional competition.  While going with a DIY video tool or service may save you some cash upfront, you have to remember that these videos represent your company.  This means that what viewers watch is going to be what they use to determine whether they want to give you their business or not.  Think carefully about whether or not your DIY video tools and services are going to give the right professional effect or not!

Sure, it’s going to cost some money to get those professional videos up and running if you go with a video production company. Still, since your professional reputation depends on it, you’ll always find it worth your time and money, especially with all of the market competition these days!  

Speak to a production company.  Be upfront about your budget and expectations.  If it’s going to be a low-cost production, you will still achieve better results than signing up with DIY Video Tools websites.  You can contact us for a chat or view our portfolio or any other video production agency’s work.  As you will see, no two videos are identical.