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Product Videos, Do You Really Need Them?

Importance of Product Video

Some companies may not think about the importance of creating a “how-to” video as part of a product or service. Still, it is, in fact, an essential part of the product development, marketing and promotional process.

Demonstration Video

When you promote a new product or service, you should try creating a video demonstrating how to use it. We know that the thought of creating videos can be overwhelming when you’re trying to decide what kind of video to make for your business. Understanding the purpose of the video and how to use it will help you achieve the best results.

One of the many product presentations allows you to present a problem and showcase your product or service as a solution. This type of video introduces your products and services to your audience and explains its value by solving their unique problem.

In a product presentation, you can communicate how your product works and highlight its best features. With a single demonstration video, you can give millions of viewers a sense of your product and how it functions to make their lives easier. Using your video to increase your conversions is simple: highlight the best features of your products.

You can also create a video that allows you to expand the traditional concept by bringing real customers in front of the camera to use your product and then really discuss their experience with the product and its benefits. Be very careful not to cross the line into a sell-a-vision concept. 

You can explain more than just your product’s most essential features; a product presentation brings the product to life. It also creates a sense of excitement that can lead your prospective customers to buy your products. It helps a person who is not familiar with your product and its understanding of how it works, and give them the confidence to make a purchase decision.

Of course, you could produce a video for each product on your site that merely shows an object in a 360-degree spin. However, nothing is fascinating to a potential buyer than being able to witness the advantage of having such a product.

Such a video provides the opportunity to explain your product’s properties and benefits in a way that does not feel explicitly like a sale. Product videos help entrepreneurs quickly show what a product can do and can be great for those interested in learning more about your business by watching an explanatory video.

If you are unsure if your potential customers will personally view your products, a product video is preferred for the viewers to learn more about them. While updated videos will likely replace it, explanatory videos can add value for years to come.

When you launch a new product, it can be very beneficial for your company to raise awareness via this media. The video doesn’t always have to be about the product; you can create a video about anything closely related to your product. It’s definitely not just for large corporations; small business needs video content too. Always remember that the videos will help the company grow, increase your viewership or followers in your social media channels, gain popularity and last but not least, boost your internet presence.

product video

An Explainer Video

A product explainer video is an excellent option if you need to explain in detail what your product or service can do. When you sell a physical product, a video is a powerful way to give people a sense of the product.  Whether it’s the type with just text, voice-over or a presenter.  A better-informed customer equals repeat business.  Here is a branding video that incorporates a host, an expert and is filled with product information.  

Finally, a professionally done presentation will be something you will be pleased to showcase on the monitors at trade shows and corporate conventions that your company is participating in. Let the video tell its story to visitors and your staff on the exhibition floor can keep themselves occupied with the closing of sales.

If this article motivated you to decide on producing one, or if you have any questions about handling it, let us know via our contact page. As you move through your video creation journey, we can talk about incorporating entertainment and creativity in your presentation that will help you sell your product.  Do check out some of the product videos that we have created in our portfolio page.

When you think about creating a video showcasing your product, we hope that this experience has helped you make the right decisions and that you end up with a video that does what it takes to get people to buy.